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Nigerian - American afro-pop princess releases, "Amerikana - The First Visual Album created by a Nigerian artist" 

- Bella Naija, October 2020

Kanwulia is a force to be reckoned with. Her unique style and ear allow her to give birth to melodies and rhythms that can only be described as 'afro-fusion'. The 'afro' identity behind her genre is important because of how heavily influenced her sound is by afro-beats. Fusion because the other half cannot be classified unanimously. Some might say 'pop', some will say 'house' and others will say 'RnB'. She can't be placed in a box.

This is particularly exciting for her because she loves to play. A graduate from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, she learned the art and importance of 'play'. It's this kind of energy that fuels her creativity. It's this kind of energy that she brings to everything she does.

"Kanwulia", depending on how you say it, means "let me/us have joy".

"Aside from making sure I'm happy, my only goal with anything I do in music, acting, business... is to make people feel good and inspired." - K

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